Who’s watching you?

For every yoga teacher offering Zoom classes to help their students stay connected, for every fitness instructor offering short Instagram pick-me-ups to keep us motivated, for every DJ’s live virtual session, for every company taking a loan to pay their employee’s health insurance… We see you. Your clients, members, followers, employees and their families see you. We see the seamstress who started making masks instead of wedding dresses. We see the company that donated laptops to school children in need. We see those pharmacies offering free delivery and the grocery stores clamouring to keep up with demand. And hiring out-of-work taxi drivers to do deliveries? That’s genius and compassion, combined.  These little things will be remembered long after this is all over. How will your business be remembered? Don’t let fear drive our behaviour at this time, instead reconsider why we’re in the business. Regardless of our industry — retail, restaurant, fitness, entertainment, wholesaler or other - we’re all in business for the same reason — the business of serving others.  For those few businesses that are letting their fear show through, or those that ran a ‘WIIFM’* business pre-COVID, the adjustment will be even tougher.  Business, especially small business, depends on relationships and relationships are built on trust, service and creativity, not fear. 

It’s never too late to change our relationship with business. Like a health scare, a forced pause such as this can be the time to reassess what’s important to us in life and relationships and that includes our business relationships. We congratulate all of those small businesses who are pushing through their fears by doing for others, being of service to their clients, extending warmer greetings, personal touches and developing deeper relationships.  Reconnecting with why we’re in the business ultimately connects us to a more certain future.  *WIIFM = What’s In It For Me

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