So what is a brand, really?

Your brand is so much more than your logo and colour palette. It starts with who you are and what your reputation is. And where does that reputation come from? Your employees first.

Your company’s brand is like a personal reputation. It’s what people think of you and more importantly, what they say about your products, your service, your people, your working conditions, your ethos, your standard of excellence, your responsiveness… or not. Quite often the people who are talking and sharing that reputation are from within the company; yes, your dedicated team.

Your brand is also how people position you in their mind vs. your competition; whether you’re competing for clients or top-notch employees.

Let’s be more specific—what is my Employer Brand?

It’s the promise that you make to your existing and potential employees—just like your external corporate brand is your promise to your customers. Be mindful that these should not be separate and apart, they are always to be aligned.

Your employer brand is your way to become an Employer of Choice.

It’s the whole picture that is created when you combine organisational strategy, company culture, employee pride, shared values and good communications—that demonstrates who you are as a company and as an employer. It's literally what your employees are saying about you when they are not in the office.

What Employer Branding is NOT:

It’s not a way to look better than you actually are.

It’s not a label or a tagline to make you ‘sexy’ to prospective employees.

It’s not a ‘programme’ or a ‘fad’ and it isn’t the responsibility of the Marketing team.

It’s not a replacement to good leadership.

How do I maximise our brand to strengthen our reputation? That’s where Two Four One can help you. We’re happy to work with you to guide your current practices for better results and better branding.

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