Rethink Social Media Marketing

As a small business owner you may be putting pressure on yourself to post more often, to more social media platforms so you can reach a wider audience. We get it. You don’t have a marketing team – that’s you! You’re squeezing it in with the dozens of other items on your ‘to do’ list this week… the banking, last week’s orders, getting back to that customer email and so it goes.

Let’s take a break! Social Media marketing doesn’t have to be an extra ‘to-do’ pressure point.

Here’s how to rethink it.

Think of Social Media marketing as Content marketing.

What’s more important than whether you’re posting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn is what you’re posting.

Think first about your message, why you’re telling it and to who. And now the social media fog clears.

Level-Up Your Marketing Tip #1

Never-ending content ideas

Ask yourself:

What are my customers asking me?

What do I want them to ask me about?

Now answer each question in 3 different ways. You may be saying the same thing but find different ways to say it.

Now find 3 images – ideally photos that you took – and you have 6 posts.

Easy does it!

Next time we’ll talk about the 4 Types of Content to keep your Social Media (Content Marketing) vibrant and engaging.

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