Join us for How to Have Faith in Marketing Your Values

Do you know the type of client you want to attract but they're not showing up to your businesses?

Do you wish you could find the courage to follow your heart and step onto a new path?

And do you ever find yourself working with people who don't align with your values?

You'll love this virtual Lunch & Learn with Nadia Laws who's going to cover things like:

  • Why your company's purpose and values matter - there's a lot more than you might think.

  • How getting clear on your 'Why' makes all the difference to everything you do.

  • 3 ways you can communicate your values and find your target audience.

  • Important tips on what NOT to do.

  • Why branding your business values will have even more impact as we move into the future.

Nadia will also share the story of her journey as an entrepreneur, how it has developed over the years and why she pivoted from a successful PR business to stay true to her core values. We can't wait for Nadia to share her professional knowledge and experience with you.

She'll be taking your questions live on Zoom so that you can get even more from this session. Feel free to share the sign up link with other entrepreneurial-minded friends!

Click here to register now! It's free!


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