Crisis Proof Branding: Pause Before You Post

Are you wondering what you should change in your marketing and social media management now that COVID-19 is dominant in the minds of your customers and clients?

If you’re not wondering – do! The first and possibly biggest mistake a business will make in these unchartered times is to act as if it’s not happening. That you must adjust your message and tone is not in question, it’s a given. The options most businesses face are:

  1. Stop current campaigns and stay silent.

  2. Adjust current campaigns to fit the situation.

  3. Replace current campaigns with a completely new message.

The option you take will depend on your industry, your audience and the life stage of your business (are you a start-up or a well-established business).

Now is the time to pause and reflect. It’s important to not lose sight of why we publish ads and posts. A successful business always has a purpose behind the post, usually part of a wider strategy. Strategy means knowing when to stay silent just as much as it means knowing what to post and when. It’s important to know you’re offering value to your audience with every post. This is not the time to take advantage of customer vulnerability that may be heightened during uncertain times.

Be mindful with what you publish. Now is not the time to share the beautiful creative campaign you’ve been planning for Easter. Save it for next year – or tweak it to fit the circumstances if you can.

Being empathetic and understanding the changing needs of your audience means meeting them where they’re at. If the community is afraid or anxious, acknowledge it and switch up your tone. Pretending it doesn’t exist will damage your brand and reputation overnight.

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