‘Catch the Wave’ for Social Media Sales

One of my favourite childhood memories is when my dad took me boogie boarding at the beach. We would stand waist deep in the ocean, it was more like knee deep for him, as waves crashed around us, and we would count the waves. I was desperate to catch the big one and to feel the moments of freedom and success for the few yards my board would take me before hitting the shoreline.

So what does all this have to do with Social Media sales? Well it comes down to the valuable lesson from dad. Let the little waves pass and take the big one and it usually worked out that after six little waves, the 7th was the one to catch.

That’s our philosophy when selling on social media. For every 7 posts let only one of them be a blatant sale. In the other six you’re sharing, giving, informing and entertaining, building the relationship with your followers.

In more scientific terms this parallels the 80/20 rule. 80% of your posts should be sharing, helping, giving information and 20% is selling.

So next time you’re ready to tap ‘post’, check in that you’ve counted the waves because there’s nothing better than a long, smooth ride!

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