4 Ways to Create Engaging Social Media Content

Too often we see small business owners who are exasperated about social media, saying things like, “I’m stuck for ideas” or “I don’t know what to post”.

Take a break! We’re going to make it easy for you by sharing our 4 Content Groups so you’ll never run out of material again and you’ll always be ahead of the game.

It might surprise you that these four groups of content ideas always answer the same question.

Q: HOW does my business, HELP my customer?

Every answer also helps your customers and potential customers to get to KNOW you, LIKE you and TRUST you.


  • Share customer (or supplier) testimonials: This helps potential customers decide if they want to work with/buy from you (Trust).

  • Share your views & values: Use inspirational quotes from people of influence. This helps people decide if they align with your values (Like).

  • Tell your story of why you started your business and get personal! This helps people get to know you (Know).


  • This helps people (including non-customers) and adds value to their life while developing loyalty and trust.

  • Instructional ‘how to’ videos or ‘5-point guides’ to a popular thing that you sell.

  • Share advice. E.g. plant nursery – weekly Best Gardening Advice video.


These are entertaining. It provides light, positive interaction for your followers and reminds them why they Like buying from you.

  • Run a contest

  • Create a poll

  • Invite comments on a popular product colour (for restaurants ask how long it’s been since your last ‘insert popular meal’)

  • Celebrate a holiday theme, eg: ‘World Chocolate Day!’

  • Involve your employees and customers (volunteers/donors - charities)

  • Ask your delivery driver to record a selfie video of the highlight of their day

  • Ask customers wearing or using your product to send in a video or photo of themselves with it


This is where you can sell and promote your products and services. Do this only 1 in 7 posts.

Show off MORE than your products, show off your employees and happy customers.

  • Your products, special offers

  • A fun campaign

  • Product launch

  • Business Event

So set aside a few minutes to come up with 5 ideas for each of the 4 Content Groups while answering the question: HOW does my business, HELP my customer? And have fun with it!

Next time we’ll show you how to ‘catch the wave’ for more effective social media selling.

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