Employer Branding

Two Four One provides Employer Branding solutions to help you:

  • Improve internal communications 

  • Develop company ambassadors 

  • Brand you better as an Employer of Choice


Three important elements for robust Employer Branding:

  • Corporate Values – What are they and how are they communicated?

  • Employee Experience – Your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) 

  • Internal Communications – How do you communicate? How effective are you?


We work with your management team and employees to shape your company values and to help bring them to life. 

Why? This is the starting place for shaping your company reputation and the way your employees think about their work environment. 

Your values may remain the same, we help you to communicate it more effectively and you’ll notice that people start to feel better about the work place.


Is what you’re saying aligned with what you’re actually doing?

It’s important to be honest, to deliver on the promise and to know your limits.

We help you to define your EVP - Employee Value Proposition.

This will help your team to speak about your culture and will bring clarity to staff, from interns to the CEO, so they can all be clear about what the company stands for and why, and the type of people who work there. 

Your EVP is the blueprint for your Employer Brand, meant primarily for your recruiting team, marketing team and anyone else involved with developing the talent acquisition content and experience.


Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do differently when you’re in the thick of it all, that’s where we can help.


We survey your employees, or use feedback from existing current employee satisfaction surveys, to help you strategise a more effective internal communications plan.


Reach out for a chat about whether we’re a fit to help you on the important journey of employer branding, so that you can attract top talent more easily.

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